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The poems on this blog are mostly written on the basis of my historical reading and are intended to be both educational and entertaining.
Recently I have also begun posting some of my work with Anglo-Saxon charms. This work is somewhat speculative and is conducted as an amateur researcher and keen Pagan historian.

Please feel free to use anything on this site as a resource if you think that it may be relevant to your needs.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Fairy Wood

In medieval times when people wore cod pieces and chastity belts.......

Would'st that I compare thee, to a wood elf,
Thine magic enchantments, to keep for myself.
Oh thou radiant ealfscyne, young wife man,
Thee doest please me, as only thee can.

Into the green wood, must I thee follow,
On the raunchy eve, of a lewd morrow.
Take the neverward part, of mine own thing,
Away into night and let's have a fling.

Come hither wench, for I am ready for thee,
'Oh sir thou can'st have, thine way' sayeth she.
Let me souse thine lips, and breasts with fine ale,
And plunge my blade, into thine fairy grail.

Standing naked ere, rising of the moon,
Perchance it wilt, upgoeth some time soon.
Doth it not now shineth, both bright and clear,
And that's only the first quarter to appear.

With this field-dew, I do thee consecrate,
I pray thee please me now, I can not wait.
Full oft hast thou pleasured, my ample manhood,
And shown me enchantments, in the greenwood.

The velvet tongue of midnight, hath told twelve,
Thou shalt come when, I dig, dive and delve.
Call out thine song, whether thou wilt or not,
At once thou wench lease, I shoot my own shot.

Thou hath well beguiled me, with thine beauty,
Least I loose the plot, let me do my duty.
Since my magic wand, is now at its prime,
Let's straight to bed, 'tis almost fairy time.

Durst thou have climbed, upon me to gyrate,
Thy summer curves doth, tend upon my state.
I pray thee what wilt, thou do to please me?
Oh no, not now, I've mislaid that dam key!

Copyright Andrew Rea Midsummer 2016