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The poems on this blog are mostly written on the basis of my historical reading and are intended to be both educational and entertaining.
Recently I have also begun posting some of my work with Anglo-Saxon charms. This work is somewhat speculative and is conducted as an amateur researcher and keen Pagan historian.

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Tigath Galdor

I have found 6 variations of the Tigath gardor (charm) referred to in a theses by Edward Thomas Pettit which I list below as they may be of interest. This charm which would have been sung over a sick person was used in Anglo-Saxon times as part of a magical healing process.

6 versions

1.Bald's Leechbook (1 12/24-1 14/1):
Acre. aercre . aer nem. nadre. aercuna hel. aer nem. ni thern. aer. asan.
bui thine. adcrice. aer nem. meodre . aer nem. aethern. aer nem. allu. honor
ucus. idar. ad cert. cunolari. raticamo . helae. icas cristi ta. haele . to
baert. tera . fueli . cui. robater. plana. uili.

2 Lacnunga. Entry LXIII (II. 254-7):
Acrc arcre arnem nona arnem beothor aernem. nidren. arcun cunath ele
harassan fidne

3 Lacnunga. Entry XXV (11. 86-91):
"Tigath tigath tigath calicet. aclu cluel sedes adclocles. acre earcre arnem.
nonabiuth aer aernem nithren arcum cunath arcum arctua fligara uflen binchi
cuteri. nicuparam raf afth egal ufen arta, arta. arta trauncula. Trauncula.

4 Lacnunga. Entry LXXXIII:

5 Oxford, Bodician Library, MS Bodley 163 fol. 227:
Tigath . Tigath . Tigath . calic& aclocluel sedes adclocles arcre . enxrcre
ererne(m) Nonabaioth arcu(m) cunat arcu(m) arcua fligara soh withni
necules culeri rafaf thegal uflen binchni . arta, arta. arta. tnxuncula.
tnxuncula. Tnxuncula.

6 Cambridge. Gonville and Caius College MS 379 599, fol. 49R:
"Thigat. Thigat. calicet. Archlo. cluel. tedes. Achodes. Arde. et
hercleno(n). Abaioth. ArcocugliA. Arcu. ArcuA. fulgura. sophiunit. ni.
Cofued. necutes cuteri. nicuram. Thefalnegal. Vflem. Archa. cu(n) hunelaja.